domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009

The Lady's Scape

The sky is not falling
Your life walks to perfection
But there's always a devil
Running behind you.

Green path of your life,
Red lips of your mouth.
Blue-green of your ocean
Deep dark... of you.

Run, Lady, Run.
Your hair is falling,
it's turning into leaves.
Run, Lady, Run.
Your blood is running
for what you believe.

Never look that passed times,
but never cut the cords
there's always a lost way in the labirint.
If you brake it all, how will you turn back?

Run, Lady, run.
Your face is pale,
you're turning into a ghost.
Run, Lady, Run.
Everything falls when you come
Bringing us snow and rain.

Your green hair is falling
it's turning into roses
Take care of him.
He must be yours now.